Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting the garden ready

Spring is finally here - Warm days, sunshine (at least in between the rain storms). Last week I had a little time on my hands and it just so happened to be while the sun was shining.. So, I went out and tackled the garden. I've been gardening for several years now and really enjoy it.  The planting and harvesting are great, but the cleanup and preparations are not my fav. This is what I started with.

And this is how far I got. Pretty good for a couple hours of work.
I still need to pull the grass from the fence line but I did get almost half of the garden planted. I used an idea I found on Pinterest using the seed packets as markers and covering them with mason jars. I use some extra long garden staples to hold them off the ground. And - Yes! They passed the rain test - I love this idea and I can see exactly what I have planted and where. 

Thanks Pinterest and the person who thought up this idea!!

I'll be getting back to the garden later.

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