Sunday, April 22, 2012

Basket Liners with Covers

I purchased these baskets a couple of years ago to organize my crafting supplies and utilize the space above the shelving in my office. I wish they had come with liners and covers, especially covers to keep the dust out.
 I decided to use some of those craft supplies and make my own basket liners.

This is the end result - with a hook and loop closure to easily access my supplies -  Love it!
These are the supplies I used:
Square basket
Coordinating thread
Sew on Hook and loop
1/2" Elastic
Sewing machine
Roller Cutter
Cutting Mat
Roller Cutter Guide Ruler
Iron and Ironing board
I measured the basket to get the dimensions.

I drew out a diagram for easy reference
For the main piece I added down one side across the bottom and up the other side + 3" to each side for the overhang - 8"+11"+8"+6" = 33". Then added 15"(the depth of basket) +2" (to allow for seams) =17". So the main piece I cut was 33"x17".
 For the ends of the box I added 8" (the height of the box) +3" (for the overhang) = 11". And the width 11"+2"(to allow for seams)=13". And cut 2 (one for the front and back) of size 11"x 13".

To assemble I matched fabric face to face and pinned - The front side of both main piece and one end piece.
Sew, then match the bottom of this same end piece to the bottom of the main piece, pin and sew.
Continue with the other side of this same end piece and sew up the other side.
It is now starting to look more like a box - this is a good thing (it is supposed to).
Continue onto the other end, piecing it together in the same way.
Check to make sure it fits the basket.
Whoohoo! it fits!!

Next, I took the liner out and folded the overhang under 1/2" and sewed around the edge.
I cut 3" pieces of elastic and sewed them to the underside of the corners to make the liner fit snugly.
 Pulling as I sewed to create a little bit of a gather.

 The liner is done.

Now for the cover...

I measured the top of the basket and added 15"(the depth of the basket) +2" (to allow for seams) =17". And 11"(the width)+2" (to allow for seams) +3" (for the hook and loop overhang)=16".
And cut this piece 17"x16"
Folding and ironing the sides, fold twice at 1/2".
Pin and sew.
Continue with the other sides.
Make sure it fits. I will hang over the sides to allow for the hook and loop.
Cut the hook and loop to the length of the basket, pin and sew one side (hook or loop) onto the underside of the cover on both sides.
Sewing across a couple of times to make sure it is secure.
While the liner is in the basket, I pinned the other sides of the hook and loop to liner for placement.
Then sewed it on completing my first basket liner with cover.

I added a label and Voila!

One down, five to go!

I hope this all makes sense and inspires you to tackle your own project.

Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to hear from you!


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