Friday, June 28, 2013

An Old Dresser Gets a Makeover

I haven't posted in a while - I have been so caught up in life now that summer is here it seems there is something going on everyday, when I do get free time I spend it painting walls. Even though I just painted the inside of the house in March of 2012 here I am painting again. Its all about color -
A girl can change her mind - right?

Any who - more about that later. On Wednesday while the handyman built new railing for the new stairs I went to work painting one of the dressers for my bedroom makeover.

I used Sherwin Williams All Surface paint in Black.

Here is the before.
First I disassembled the dresser and placed it on blocks.

I then used a sanding block to lightly sand the surface.
Then went over it with a damp towel to remove the dust.
Then, using an angled brush I painted the raised trim and with a foam roller (mine is approx. 8" long) I rolled the flat surfaces painting light coats. I painted three to four coats total lightly brushing on the last coat, letting it dry in between.
For the knobs I punched holes in a piece of firm cardboard with a crop-0-dile to hold them, then painted using a brush.
Finally assembling the dresser - It turned out great! The bed (I painted before we moved it back into the house) and the small dresser done - The large dresser and two nightstands to go before the big reveal.


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