Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knot So Hard Flip Flops

Tuesday I went to breakfast with one of my good friends, afterwards we headed to one of our favorite places to shop - "Gardner Village" located in West Jordan, UT. - more about that Here.

We were in the very first shop (There is quite a few) when one of my flip flops broke between the toes. If this has ever happened to you - you know it is impossible to walk so, I took them off and packed them around with me (just in case). I ended up throwing them in my bag and walking around in my bare feet for several hours. The pavement was hot and my feet were filthy by the time I got home. I immediately got out my foot tub and soaked my feet. This just eight days after getting set free of the ugly boot (those ugly things you have to wear after foot surgery). Other than dirty feet no damage done.

Last night I remembered the flip flops in my bag and something I had pinned on Pinterest where they had made new straps for flip flops with fabric. Lucky me I had not tossed them in the trash immediately. I found my pin and decided to give it a try. I dug into my fabric stash and found some coordinating fabric.

All it takes is:
a fat quarter of fabric (I used Stampin' Up! fabric (appropriately named) "Comfort Cafe" #126894)
hot glue
my broken Old Navy flip flops

That's it!

And in about 30 minutes I had these cute flip flops. I'm not sure how long they will last - I wouldn't wear them if I plan to do a lot of walking but they are great to kick around in and so comfy.

The only thing I changed was that I used 3-1/2" strips of fabric instead of 4-1/2".
Check out the Tutorial

The Comfort Cafe fabric #126894 along with other Stampin' Up! products can be purchase 24/7  Here

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