Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Planting

My DH wanted to take a trip to the local IFA for some fertilizer on Friday and asked if I wanted to tag along - Of course! I said - I need some nutri-mulch for the garden.

When we got there I was side tracked by the vegetables. I hadn't planned to purchase any vegetables just yet but they all looked so healthy and green. The tomato plants even have a couple of tomatoes on them.

Here is my haul..
And didn't forget the nutri-mulch. This is good - Thats what I went for.
He got his fertilizer -  Even better! He is more forgetful than I am.

Today was the first chance I've had to work in the garden since, and my DH who happened to take the week off work helped - Yes! he pulled all the grass from the fence line while I planted and spread the mulch - And this after he took me and the pack (Bob, Lucy and baby Claire) for a walk in the park then off to Einsteins for breakfast bagels. Love you honey!

A couple hours later and about all we have to do now is sit back and watch it grow.

And here is Bob, one of my pack members enjoying the shade.

Looking forward to the harvest and all the Summer fun in the meantine.

Here is what I planted:

Tomatoes: Early Girl and Celebrity
Lemon Cucumbers
Bell Peppers - Orange and Green
Corn - Jackpot Hybrid and Peaches and Cream
Peas - Alaska Wilt Resistant
White Onions
Asparagus - M. Washington
Green Onions
Carrots - Nanten Coreless
Thanks for stopping by my garden!


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