Monday, June 25, 2012

Bye Bye 1980's Brass Knobs

I love spray paint!

There, I said it!

I love the way it quickly transforms just about anything. And the new Krylon metal finishes are so awesome you don't even have to prime your projects, and can spray right over rust.

So when I saw on Pinterest that people were using it to spray paint their old door knobs I got really excited because this is what my door knobs looked like.

Pretty  hideous huh?

My DH and I had talked many times about replacing them, one or two at a time but had never done anything about it.

Originally I was going to paint all the exterior knobs as well starting with my front door makeover Here but decided if that went wrong It wouldn't be good. So we ended up purchasing new knobs and deadbolts for all the exterior doors for $250. which makes the $15 spent on spray paint (3 cans) to paint the interior knobs and hardware even sweeter.

This is so easy, just take a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the knobs. I used a shipping box for painting. It works especially good to hold the screws up wright for painting.

I used Dark Bronze paint and let them sit overnight to dry before re-installing.

And Ta-Da! Now they look like this.

I taped the hinges off and sprayed some paint in the lid (make sure to use a rubber glove for this because it will spray back onto your hand) take a small paint brush (mine was about a half inch wide) and paint the hinges. I painted two coasts letting dry thoroughly between coats.

I am so happy with how they all turned out and it only took a couple of days and 3 cans of paint. I just have to warn you - the knobs are harder to put on than to take off
but you do get the hang of it after the first few.

My DH who was sceptical at first said they look great and the texture of the paint makes them easier to grip.

Win! Win!

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