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Girls Are So Much Fun and Addilyn's Turning 1 Birthday Bash Giveaway!

We are extending the sign ups for this giveaway 
for one more week!  
Sign ups will end June 14th, 2012.  
So far we have 38 bloggers signed up and 18 Crafty divas donating items such as many custom boutique hair bows, hair flowers, a custom dress, a monogrammed dress, a custom embroidered shirt, adorable tutu, custom photo stickers, gift card to Whole Foods, personalized e-book, personalized juppy baby walker, eco orbies, kids DVD, Custom 8x10 canvas photo and 2 picture frames!!  I am receiving the items daily and they are ADORABLE!  I can't wait to start reviewing!!!  
So far this giveaway is worth $405!!!!!  Amazing!!!!  
Please repost, share, ask your blogger and crafty friends, or companies you've used to buy little girl items in the past if they are willing to donate!  Every bit of promoting helps!!
Girls Are So Much Fun and 
Addilyn's Turning 1 Birthday Bash Giveaway!
Sweet little Miss Addilyn Rose, is turning 1 year old and we are looking for some crafty divas and snazzy bloggers to help us kick off her birthday with a BANG by doing a custom little girl giveaway!!   So far, our giveaway items just starting out are a custom Tutu, 8x10 Canvas Print of YOUR Photo, Copy-Kids DVD, Personalized Juppy Baby Walker, 5x7 Picture Frame, 8x10 Picture Frame, 3 Boutique Bows, Personalized Children's E-Book and a Custom Made Dress!  And we are just getting started!  The prize list grows by the hour!
We have TWO sign up options.
One for Crafty Divas that make handmade items  and one for Snazzy Bloggers  (and yes, there is a free sign up blogger option too)
(If you are not a crafty person but you are a blogger, scroll down to option two)
Sign Up Option One for Crafty Handmade Product Sponsors: 1. Donate one custom made item FOR Addilyn 
  • Name: Addilyn Rose Rotenberry
  • Gender: Female
  • Initials: ARR
  • Size: 12-18 Months 
  • Shoe Size: Toddler 5
  • Room Decor: Pink and Brown
Examples of items could be:
  • Custom made dress, Shirt, Outfit or Shoes
  • Personalized Embroidered Shirt
  • Embroidered or Handmade Blanket or Quilt
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Picture Frames
  • Bows
  • Bow Holder
  • Hand Painted Wall Art for Little Girl's Room
  • Hand Made Toys or Toddler Items
  • Embroidered Diaper Bag
  • Custom Personalized Sippy Cups or snack holders
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
*We will need to receive this item by June 21st at the latest!  I will email you my address upon completion of the below form in order to send your item for Addilyn to me so I can complete my amazing review of your product before the giveaway starts.  You will be responsible for shipping if you are not local in Dothan, AL.  2. Donate same custom made item FOR the Givewaway
  • If your item is a personalized item (example - embroidered name, etc.) you will be provided with contact info of the winner and winner will be provided with your contact information upon close of the giveaway, and the winner being chosen via Rafflecopter.)  You will also be responsible for shipping.
  • If your item is not personalized just send both items to me together and I will take care of mailing the items to the winner.
So you will be donating 2 items!
What do our crafty sponsors get in return for their amazing gift and giveaway donation? TONS OF EXPOSURE!!
  • I will do an exclusive positive review of your product on my blog's home page and will permanently list a link to the review on my “Product and Website Reviews" page.  
  • In my review, I will include links to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Website, eBay store, Etsy Store – any or all that you choose.  
  • I will include photographs of the product you send me for Addilyn in the review posting. 
  • I will share the review post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • I will list your “linky button”, logo or link to your Website/Facebook/eBay store/Etsy store on the “Favorite Blogs, Sites & Products” page permanently.
  • You will be listed as a sponsor in the giveaway and linked throughout the giveaway post with pictures and praises of your amazing products.
  • You will be listed on the Rafflecopter giveaway form with ANY link(s) of your choosing. That's right - ANY AND ALL. No limit!  This will get you tons of exposure!
Click Here for the  Crafty Sponsors Sign Up Sheet
Not a crafty person but you are a snazzy blogger and want to be a part of this Giveaway?   We have a few choices so Option Two is for YOU!
Sign Up Option Two for Blogger Sponsors: 1.  Donate $20 towards a Toys R Us Gift Card  ($10 for Addilyn and $10 for winner)
  • This will get you unlimited links of your choice on the Rafflecopter Form
2.  HOST Option:  Donate $12 to cover extra gift card purchases, shipping, etc. 
  • You will get 8 links of your choice AND will be a linked co-host of this event.
3.  Donate $10 towards a Toys R Us Gift Card 
($5 for Addilyn and $5 for winner)
  • This will get you 5 links of your choice on the Rafflecopter Form
4.  Donate $5 towards administrative costs to put the giveaway post and Rafflecopter form together.
  • You will get 2 links of your choice on the Rafflecopter Form
5.  FREE Sign Up
  • You will get 1 link of your choice on the Rafflecopter Form
Note:  FREE Blogger Signup Sponsors:  If you refer the most bloggers, you will be able to get 5 links on the Rafflecopter form for FREE!
Click Here for the Blogger Sign Up Sheet 
EVERYONE must be committed to promoting this giveaway on all giveaway sites they know of, twitter, Facebook, etc. during the giveaway.  Promotion is what is going to get us exposure and followers!  
This contest will be live (hopefully) from June 30th to July 30th 2012 Sign ups will end June 14th 2012
For paying bloggers, please send payment as a gift only (so there are no fees) via Paypal to email address Do not mention giveaway or contest anywhere on the page where you send me the fees, because Paypal frowns upon that. Just leave your name and blog name in the subject title.
Click Here for the Crafty Sponsors Sign Up Sheet
Click Here for the Blogger Sign Up Sheet
Thank you all so much for your help!   I think this will be a lot of fun and will  be a great way to celebrate my 
little Addilyn Rose turning 1!!
Please click here to copy and paste the HTML code in your own blog post in order to promote this blogger sign up!!

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