Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burlap Barn Star

Lately I can't keep up with all the ideas in my head. I think it's because I am obsessed with holiday crafts and decorations and the fact that I have not put up a Christmas tree for the last 2 years - I know - Crazy huh?
I get a theme in my head and the ideas just keep coming. So, keeping with my Vintage Barn Star Ornaments and burlap theme on my Christmas tree I had this idea for a large burlap barn star for the mantel.
I had this barn star on a shelf in my office for a couple of years and didn't really care for it so it was fated for this makeover.
First I painted it white because I didn't want green showing through.
As you can see in the picture above the white shows through even worse. So I dug around and found a pair of dated linen pants that where a close match to the burlap color - You can see this fabric in the upper center of the photo.
Next I used spray adhesive to cover the star.
Then pressed the linen fabric on.

I trimmed the edges to about 1 inch all around.

Then I spayed adhesive on the linen covered star and...

Your guessed it - pressed and trimmed again.

This is where I relocated to my craft room as it was getting a bit chilly out.

I made sure to cover my work surface - These things tend to get a bit messy.
I trimmed the tips off the points and

Cut the inside corners.
Then using Crystal Effects I folded and glued the fabric and burlap to the back of the star.

Trimming as needed.
I used masking tape to keep the edges down.

Making a few snips to keep the hanger free - I will be needing that later.

I used more Crystal Effects to seal the exposed edges of the burlap to keep it from fraying.

Next I hot glued some hemp twine I had on hand around the edges to give it a finished look.


Wow! I love how it turned out. I think it may stick around after the holidays.

I added a black piece of twine for a hanger...
to hang on this nail I placed in the top edge of my window pane.

Now to finish the rest of the mantel projects in my head.
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