Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

As I mentioned before we are preparing for new floors and this weekend things are really starting to move. My DH has been busy installing a new ceiling fan in the guest room - Whoohoo! and my new grooming tub in the basement while I've been cleaning linens and packing them into Space Bags all while preparing for Easter.
The old light fixture in the guest room. Hm, pretty plain..
The new fan - Much better...
You can see in this picture the ceiling will need some paint where the
old fixture was bigger then the new one.
The rest of the room is disassembled for now - I'll be posting pictures once the floors are in and our home is put back together.

This morning we will be taking a break to walk the bunnies -

Sorry no bunny picture of Claire.
Then back home for a Belgium waffle breakfast complete with strawberries, whipped cream and maple sausage - this should hold us over until dinner along with the Peeps and Cadbury eggs.
Back to the work on the money pit until dinner.
Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter!


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