Sunday, April 21, 2013

Living in the Dust Bowl

Packing continues, the tile in the kitchen is gone (except for what is under the appliances), the office furniture is empty (at least my side) and ready to be disassembled and there is a coating of dust over everything.

The kids and grand kids will be here today to help move appliances and take out carpet.

I had a nice break yesterday while I attended the Stampin' Up!  Regional here in Salt Lake at the Stampin' Up! home office. I had a great time with friends and learned new techniques and also got to see and use new products. Now can't wait to get this remodel over with so I can start stampin'.

OK, back to the remodel (focus, focus!). While I was gone yesterday my DH removed the carpet, baseboards and railing in the dinning room - Who Woo!

Whats left to be completed - removal of the remaining furniture, appliances, our closet contents, drapes, carpet, baseboards and doors. It seams like a long list but it is getting shorter. Just have to keep up the momentum for a few more days.

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