Sunday, April 28, 2013

Halfway Through the Remodel

Last I posted on this was Thursday morning. Just a couple hours later the installer's showed up to start installing the new floors. We had been preparing for what seems like months and were still caught off guard.
The office and guest room still had carpet pad and tack strip, the master bedroom and walk in closet still had carpet and the inflatable bed our neighbors had lent us and there were still a few boxes and odds and ends that needed to be moved out.
I called my DH at work to come home. luckily he works 5 minutes away. We donned safety glasses and knee pads and got to work. Once we had the office and guest room cleared so they could start installing the floors Waste management showed up to pick up the Bagster's we had filled with carpet, tile and baseboards - then it was back to work. When the installer's left for the day my DH worked on the stairs and moved the air intake for the furnace that used to be on the side of the stair landing that he removed earlier. I took my babies - Bob, Lucy and Claire to the basement and groomed them so they would be nice and clean while staying with family.
We finally called it quits at 7:30 loaded the pups and what we could think of to grab and left.
That day by far was the most physically challenging.
Since then we have stopped by to grab odds and ends we'll need for the next week or so and of course check on the status.

While my hubby was at work last Monday I removed of the tile in the pantry.
 When he came home he was so happy he removed the tile from the stove and dishwasher areas. And that was the end of the tile removal (Whew! that was a rough job).

 The guest room - The beginning of the new floors.
Bob was trying anything to get upstairs to be with us.
He eventually got upstairs and we had to move this box to avoid future break outs.
Progress : )
 Bob had to check it out.
 The final layout of the new steps which extend 4" on each side to accommodate the new railing.
A few more pics - I took lots of them.

These are the stairs going into the family room
 The trim along the wall which will have a railing on top and trim underneath.

The installers plan to start the staining process on Monday.
Yesterday I met a good friend at the Gateway shopping center in Salt Lake City to do some catching up, shopping and have lunch. We had a great time, the weather and tulips where gorgeous.

 Today the hubby and I are going to shop for new baseboards and stop by the house to check on the progress. And maybe even catch a movie.

Have a great day!

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