Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lumber Delivery

I spent this morning running errands and searching for moving boxes. I went to Lowe's and Home Depot, neither of which had medium boxes (@*#+!) all while racing to get home in time for the lumber delivery.

Just after I arrived home my DH showed up, said he was taking the rest of the day off - So - off I went to another Lowe's where I found medium boxes - Whew! I was ready for a rest.
Just a little one - I got one soon after arriving home. This beautiful truck arrived.

I took a break and watched these two load 3,000 lbs of hickory into our living room - Yes! - New floors!
What a beautiful sight!
Of course then the dogs had to come check it out.
Breaks over - Back to work.
I started packing my office/craft room.
While DH worked on the kitchen tile.
We made progress which is good as we have one week to remove all the carpets, baseboards and appliances so the installers can come in and do their thing.
I almost forgot one other thing I accomplished today - I registered for the Stampin' Up! Convention -  Yippee!
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