Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Demo Continues - The entry way tile is history

Yesterday when my DH took a break from tile removal - I jumped in and finished the job removing the tile in the entryway.
this is me doning safety glasses, gloves and knee pads to get the job done.

We joked about the rug - Placing it there to keep from tracking the mess outside.
We both slept like cement last night and woke up sore.
Today I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning and re-organizing the pantry and laundry room storage while my DH took a day off.
The pantry after. Sorry, no before pictures but I can tell you - I found a bottle of white grape juice that was definitely not white anymore.

My DH built the bottom shelf when we moved in - it is free standing so it can be removed. This will be handy as we will have to remove it to tear up this tile. 
This has been a very productive week and we are not even halfway there.
In the end - It will all be worth it.
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  1. So funny to see hubby and I just finished removing the tile in the sunroom today! It is def back breaking work!


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