Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picking up momentum on the remodel

I first want to share pictures of my beautiful new dog bathing tub that my DH installed for me along with overhead florescent lighting.

I'm still working on organizing my supplies here.

 I have been using it and it rocks. No more bathing dogs in my bathtub on my knees. And as soon as it was in I un-dogged my bathroom - that's right - no dog shampoo, brushes, towels or hair - I've reclaimed my bathroom and it feels good.
Ok, enough about the dog bath and back to this ugly lump in the living room. My DH was at it again tearing up the carpet on the landing yesterday.

I was happy to see there were no children under here - just wasted space.

It's messy work.

Fast forward to today -
Luckily I didn't have a need to go upstairs because while I groomed dogs he demolished the landing all together. The first stair you see in this picture is waist high.

We took a break and went to Lowe's to get a Bagster bag for the carpet and whats left of the old landing and get lumber for the new steps.

I went back to work grooming dogs while he built these - Again I am in awe of his talent.


Notice all the space that was wasted on the awkward landing.

He re-used the old treads here temporarily.
Now I can go upstairs again -
This is good as the bedroom is upstairs and I plan to sleep there tonight.
And one other exciting thing happened today -
This arrived.
It will house our furniture and other belongings while the floors are installed.
I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
Sleep well tonight and live refreshed tomorrow.
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  1. I don't envy the dust, mess and unrest of a remodel (been there -done that), but how exciting to be making your house just the way you want it.

  2. Thanks, It's been a long wait - We've lived here 10 years and have wanted to tear out those stairs since day 1.

  3. Hi Holly....thanks for visiting my blog....visiting you back! You'll forget all about the dust and mess once your remodel is exciting!


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